Whether you opt to line dry or pop your washing into a dryer, chances are you’ve picked up the habit of ‘snapping’ out your clothes as they come out of the washing machine.

Why do we do this? Does it have any effect on results? Let’s take a look…

What does ‘snapping’ laundry do?

‘Snapping’, or briskly shaking out your laundry, is intended to help relax the fabric from the stress of the wash, and also to remove creases.

Wet fabric becomes much heavier than when it is dry, and time spent sitting in the washing machine inevitably causes pressure creases. In fact, the spin cycle is a very guilty culprit for causing wrinkles! Snapping helps ease the fabric out of the crease again before dryer heat sets it.

Does it work?

You may be surprised, but yes, it does. This simple act of flattening out your freshly washed garments can cut down on a whole lot of ironing later.

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While pure cotton garments remain very prone to wrinkling, it’s particularly effective on blended garments with less deep-set wrinkles. It can also speed drying time by ensuring air can circulate to all areas of the fabric.

In short, snapping is a great, yet simple, habit to get into that can positively impact your laundry experience. What’s not to love?