Indescribable – It’s Easy to Keep a Bad Secret – from the age of eight TV actress Candice Derman locked away her secret of being abuse and raped and lived two lives.

The darkness spread but she learned how to live with it. She grew up never knowing if she would ever be able to love all of herself. 

Normal, not normal

She became a normal, not normal child and her secret lay hidden inside her for many years. One day it escaped and she became hungry to find happiness. 

â??Abuse is like an unnatural disaster: everything that is lost must be re-built and I have had to re-build all of me. This book is part of that journey and is the story I thought I would never tell,â? says Derman.

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“I want people to know that it can happen in the suburbs, in normal families. Also for the broken children who need to know they are not alone.”

A deeply moving true story of pain, courage and love

â??I had to stop and say a prayer for all those voiceless young girls. Candice is a brilliant narrator and throughout the book demonstrates an amazing inner strength.â? –  Dorah Sitole, former editor: True Love magazine

â??I could not put it down. Sometimes I forgot to breathe. Disturbing, exposing, beautifully written. A book that was aching to be written.â? – Melinda Ferguson, author: Smacked and Hooked.

“Derman can no longer be known as an actress. Indescribable outshines and outweighs anything she did in Generations or Scandal!” – Shanthini Naidoo, Times Live.

About Candice Derman

Candice Derman is a well-known actress. She launched her career in 1998 by hosting SAâ??s then edgiest live show, Live@Five. She then became a household name as Stephanie in the successful etv soapie Backstage and then later as Blue in Generations on SABC1. Candice then moved to join Scandal on etv as Samantha.

Having reached this peak in her career Candice decided to break from her love of acting to tell the most important story of her life â?? her own. In the winter of 2007, Candice began writing her courageous book, Indescribable.

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