If you want to keep your weight at an ideal level, rule out buying junk foods on impulse

Many of us are tempted into buying junk foods or snacks when out shopping, on errands or when attending shows, concerts and the like. Are you one of them?

Treating yourself?

Treating yourself once in a while may not do any serious harm to your diet plan and weight-loss efforts. If however, you tend to give into these high-calorie food temptations very often, you may find yourself piling on the weight.

Create your own rules!

Consider making a rule for yourself to follow when it comes to the type of food or snack you purchase when out. For example, should you buy junk foods on impulse and indulge in them, you will skip dessert for a week. Alternatively, you will add an extra 30 minutes to your current workout time. Be honest with yourself and create rules that will make you think twice before buying these foods on impulse in the first place.

Pack healthy snacks

It may be a good idea to take some healthy snacks along with you, when leaving your house. In this way, you would limit the chance of buying junk foods on impulse, to snack on.

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Don’t forget portion size control!

If you happen to spoil yourself with treats, pack a suitable portion size so that you do not go overboard. Remember that it can be relatively easy to go overindulge, especially if you have purchased a large packet of chips or sweets. Take control of what and how much you eat if you want to keep the weight off!

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