Capri pants are always finding their way back through fashion’s revolving door. Though they’re always bound to come back for another season, very few people have perfected the art of wearing their Capris with style.

Capri pants, ankle grazers and clam diggers all fall into the not-long-or-short pants family. Wearing this style of pants can be tricky for a number of reasons, but once you’ve got your Capri style right, you’ll love your short-long pants. We’ve found five ways to wear Capris without looking like your pants are just a little too short.

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If you’re short, make sure your Capris are the right length

If you’re short, regular length Capris can look like a strange pair of regular length pants. Fitting your pants before buying them is one way of making sure the length works for you.

If they’re not quite right, the best option is having your pants tailored to your height. This gives you control over their length and allows you to adjust them as you need to.

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You can also ask your favourite stores if they have a petite line made specifically for women 1.6m and shorter. You have the best chance of finding ready-to-wear Capris in this section.

Tapered Capris are the most flattering for your legs

The truth is, your legs will always look like your legs, no matter what the shape of your pants is. The trick is finding clothes that flatter your body.

If you are worried about the size of your legs (if you think they look too slim or too thick), tapered pants are the most flattering fit for you.

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how to wear capri pants

Utopia mom fit jeans with elastic R299, Zando

Don’t be afraid of colour

When in doubt, the natural instinct is to go for muted colours that don’t make much of a statement. Although this works in most cases, the coloured pants trend is still in full swing and looks great with Capris in spring or summer.

For a bolder statement, you can also go with colourful patterns and even animal print.

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how to wear capri pants

Floral Culotte R159.99, MRP

You don’t always have to wear Capris with heels

There is a misconception that wearing Capris with high heeled shoes makes your legs look longer and leaner and is the best way to wear this type of pants.

The height of your heel doesn’t automatically make you look taller. Exposing more of your foot does. The heel of your shoe only extends your hight after your leg has already visibly ended.

Because Capris cut your leg off mid-calf, high top shoes can make the small chunk of leg between your pants and your shoes look awkward. To avoid this, any type of open shoe that shows off as much of your leg as possible works. So you could wear your Capris with heels or any other open shoe with similar effects.

how to wear capri pants

Stripe paperbag capri pants R179.99, MRP

The rule of thirds revised

There are fashionistas who apply the rule of thirds to their outfits. This often rules out wearing longer length tops with Capris.

The rule of thirds comes from the world of art and photography. According to the rule, a picture should be divided into nine blocks with two vertical lines and two horizontal lines. The focal points of the image should be where these lines meet. By imagining two lines that separate your body into equal thirds, you can decide where the elements of your outfit meet.

Although a tucked-in top is one way of wearing your Capris, a longer length top can work too. The style and length of your top can change your Capri look completely. Avoid longer length tops that go below mid-thigh; a top that is too long can make you look shabby.

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