If you find that you are in shopping very frequently and somehow seem to be gaining some weight, start to take a closer look at your habits when shopping

Here are some questions that you could perhaps ask yourself about the times you go shopping:

How often do you engage in grocery shopping?

Do you give into temptations and buy high-calorie beverages or foods to snack on while shopping?

Do you treat yourself to a takeaway or ready-made meal after you’ve finished shopping?

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If you answered ‘yes’ to the last two questions, try to stay more aware. You could easily pile on the kilograms, especially if your answer to the first question is quite high.

Reduce the number of times you shop

Consider reducing the number of times that you shop. For example, consider doing most of your grocery shopping once every month. Purchase the items that have a long shelf life and will not spoil within a short period of time. Other food items that you tend to consume more frequently, such as bread and milk, could be purchased weekly or twice a week if necessary. A similar strategy could be applied to fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) and other fresh foods such as fish.

This will not only reduce your exposure to junk foods but will also save you time and money. Perhaps use the spare time to extend your workout or to engage in a fun activity that gets you moving. The savings can help pay your gym membership, so it’s a win-win all round! Best of all, you will have a new figure before summer arrives!

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