Controversial radio personality Phat Joe had an interesting guest on his Radio 2000 show this week – Penny Lebyane!

It’s no secret that there is no love lost between the two. Penny recently slammed Phat Joe for making mocking Anele Mdoda’s appointment as a Miss SA 2019 judge.

He had insinuated that Anele is not qualified to judge a beauty pageant.

“It’s his weakness. He builds himself via women. [He] has always picked on strong girls for relevance,” Penny wrote on Twitter.

A few weeks before the drama, she praised the SABC for suspending Phat Joe for making comments about gay people.

Penny labelled him a “repeat offender”.

Their beef goes way back to their YFM days

During their chat on his breakfast show, Phat Joe apologised for his role in their issues and even admitted to giving her a hard time during the early years of her career.

Listeners applauded them for burying the hatchet.

“Nice one, I really enjoyed it, two grown-ups keeping it real without being emotional about it. That’s what radio should be, real people.

“Thanks Penny and Joe, keep inspiring and working hard your families. Pushani bafwethu,” one Twitter user wrote.

Speaking to Move!, Penny says she is glad they were able to discuss “things that were never discussed”

“He said it, I was targeted, and I was not paranoid. People close to me know how that affected me and impacted me… I have new found respect for Joe. I am grateful for the moment. It freed me. It put an old ghost to bed.”