Mimi Nobuhle Mahlasela is living her best – sipping bubbly and chilling in a bikini!

The 7de Laan actress  – who is a proud plus-size model and body activist –  won the praise of fans around the country when she posted a series of snaps in her swimwear.

“Your size does not determine who YOU are!,” the feisty actress captioned the post.

And we couldn’t agree more!

This week, Mimi spoke to All4Women about inspiring other women with her honest and relatable social media posts…

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All4W: What inspires your body positivity posts?

Mimi: I certainly think it’s my outlook on life generally. I always choose to be positive and happy. It’s an everyday thing, mind you, body positivity is not only about big girls – it’s about all types of bodies.

This is the body you’re in for the rest of your life so the best thing one can do is to love it completely and take care of it.



Your character Aggie is so bubbly and happy, but in reality you are deeply honest about your daily struggles. Why did you choose to do this?

Life is a constant journey of up and downs and you need to approach with a positive mindset even when you’re facing challenges and that’s what I’ve learnt in the past five years – I’ve lost so many of my loved ones, been through some traumatic experiences, but I had to remind myself that I’m still alive and breathing. Surely there’s more I can do?

I love laughing and making those around me feel loved and good about themselves, so if I can do that for at least one person a day then I’m serving my purpose. It’s also important to have a support structure of family and friends who remind you that they love you and want you around – it keeps one motivated to keep pushing through the hardships that life can throw at you.



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YOU ARE THE BAG – secure yourself! ❤️

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What importance to you place on your mental health?

Mental well-being is extremely important – as cliched as it is, it’s true that it all starts in the mind.

If you tell yourself that you are amazing, you are worth it and you can do it, you’re going to carry yourself like that and it’s going to drive you to go get what you want to achieve. A mind is a very powerful tool.



How do you react to online trolls?

I ignore online trolls because I’m a very sensitive being, so if I were to pay them any attention I’d be so depressed, and I’ve come along way to overcome depression in my life.



Your on-screen romance with actor Jacques Blignaut (Vince) raised a few eyebrows among fans. How did you react?

It’s really been OK. People aren’t making a big deal out of it, because it’s not a big deal. To me I see two people who’ve known each other for years as friends and fell in love.

This is how I feel about interracial relationships – love is LOVE and love is dope.

Do you share any similarities to your TV character? How do you differ?

Not at all! I think we share one thing, the bubbly personality, but Mimi is much more bubbly and has a very loud laugh.


What’s the strangest thing a fan has done?

A fan bumped into me at a mall, stopped me to say ‘Hi’ and for a quick selfie and I agreed and that seemed pretty normal. So I went on about my business but she said to me, she’s not going to carry on with what she was doing but she’ll follow me through the mall like my shadow. I found that odd!

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