Everyone has an imaginary bestie they’ve never actually met. One of our many pretend besties is Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong.

She’s fun, stylish and we love her hair in every style she puts it in. It was a tough call, but we’ve put together five of our favourite Pasi Koetle-Nyokong hairstyles.

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Cropped and curled cut

This is Pasi’s latest haircut and we love it. Just in time for spring she has gone short around the sides and straightened and curled her afro.

We love that she has kept her natural hair unprocessed and found ways to style it without relaxing it.
This is a great alternative for naturals who are bored with the typical natural hairstyles. It’s also an awesome break from winter protective styling.

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The boy cut wig

The boy cut is a fun and youthful look. Pasi’s boy cut wig is a great way to have shorter hair without actually cutting your hair.

Her luscious afro is probably cornrowed safely under the wig and getting all the benefits of a great protective style while she’s enjoying this adventurous hairstyle.

Lace front asymmetric wig

Lace front wigs are what magic really looks like. It’s getting harder to tell what is grown from your scalp or worn like a fabulous and super stylish hat.

This asymmetric wig is well styled and the perfect colour too. The warm auburn highlights are absolutely perfect and complement her complexion perfectly.

A bounty of curls

If you’ve ever tried growing out an afro you know how much work goes into maintaining a healthy head of hair while needing to style your hair daily.

These 4A type curls are a great way to wear an afro, even if you don’t actually have a real one. We love this big hair look on Pasi.

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Pasi’s real-life afro

We love the wigs and can’t get over Pasi’s new haircut, but we are unwavering fans of her afro.

A healthy afro is a definite delight and we love how well Pasi grows hers. It’s absolutely gorgeous and definitely our favourite hair look on Pasi.

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