Stop comparing your space to bigger abodes and relish the reasons to love your small home

Comparison is the thief of joy, especially if you’re comparing your small home with friends’ or neighbours’ larger houses.

A new study from Iowa State University found that people living in the smallest house in their neighbourhood are, on average, five percent more likely to feel dissatisfied with their home than are those living in the largest house.

It’s a tough human habit to break, but trying to keep up with the Joneses will only make you miserable. On the flip side, focusing on the positives of the tiny home movement could be just what you need to put a smile on your face…

1. It saves you money

Obviously, a small home cost less than larger homes in the same area and the bond or rent is less, but the levies and rates are also lower, maintenances costs are less and electricity and water bills tend to be lower too.

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These monthly savings all add up and could help you pay off your bond faster, save for a better retirement, a dream holiday or simply live a little better.

2. It frees up your time

A small home is quicker to clean and generally requires less maintenance than a larger home.

This means that, instead of spending your free time working on your house, you actually have free time to enjoy with friends and family, start your own business, or pursue a hobby that you love.

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3. It helps to curb hoarding habits

When you have a limited amount of space, you have to think carefully about how you fill it.

The better you get at making the most of your small home, the more you realise how true it is that ‘quality trumps quantity’ and ‘less is more’ as you streamline everything from your clothes to your crockery.

As for hoarding, remember that it not always deliberate – sometimes it’s merely a form of procrastination. For example, in a larger home, when something breaks and is replaced, sometimes the broken item is held onto in case it can be fixed and then it’s simply forgotten about in some room or cupboard.

In a small space, there is no room to hold onto things that don’t serve you. Living in a small home encourages the ‘one in one out’ rule in that you purchase something new and discard clutter before it can accumulate and become a habit.

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