A Hartbeespoort nurse was “rattled” after a group of female traffic officials allegedly manhandled her over the weekend

Jeanette King had been driving between Brits and Hartbeespoort on Sunday when she was pulled over. She told News24 it was not immediately clear what was happening.

“I’m a travelling nurse so I was travelling from Brits to Hartbeespoort to take blood back to the lab…and on my way up…I saw a commotion in front, I saw lots of flashing lights and I saw hazard lights and brake lights, and I thought there [was] an accident,” King said.

King said she saw a woman running into the road, but it was not obvious she was a traffic official.

“She didn’t look like a speed cop. It looked like she had a brown jersey on and brown pants and I thought there might be somebody lying in the road, so I swerved not to hit her and as I swerved to the right – everybody swerved to the right – she ran to the right as well and stopped me in the right.”

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“Then she said: ‘Move out of the road’ and luckily I looked left because a truck came past and screamed (sic) up there.

“I was shaking when I was next to the road and she was saying: ‘Why did you move?’ and I said: ‘You know you’re reckless, did you see what happened? That truck could have hit me and I could have hit you and we both could have been dead’,” King told News24.

The official allegedly told King she was going to issue her with a speeding fine, prompting King to ask to see the reading on the camera.

“And then she just changed her mind and was aggressive and told me why do I want to look at the speed, ‘We have deleted it’,” King said.

It was at that point when King decided to take out her phone to film the speed camera when the traffic official told her she could not do that.

“Then they got very aggressive…They grabbed my arms and restrained me – all of them.”

“I was upset – rattled – because when they took my phone I said: ‘You’re stealing my phone’,” King said.

She said one of the officials grabbed her phone and returned it when she said the video had been deleted.

Afterwards, they told her to leave, but allegedly refused to return her licence.

King said she reported the incident to the police, who confirmed that a case had been opened.

“We are investigating a case of theft and intimidation. [The case was] opened this morning. No one has been arrested at this stage as we are still busy with our investigations,” North West police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Amanda Funani said on Tuesday.

King said her licence was not returned.

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Author: News24.com