Spring is so close we can smell it, and the time has come to ditch the winter coats and revamp your wardrobe with statement pieces.

White sneakers are a must-have, classic shoe that everyone should own. The versatility of the shoe suits both men and women, and you can style them; however you want.

With such an abundance of new fashion trends, you might not know which look to go for. By now, you should have a white sneaker in your collection, and if you don’t own one, we found some sneaker stores in Cape Town where you can find that perfect pair of white kicks.

If you’re fan of white sneakers, it makes sense to pair them with as many outfits as possible

They’re perfect for casual office wear, chic dinner dates, and you can throw them on with baggy sweats. If you want to find out how to style your white sneakers this spring,read more…

For weekdays

Dresses: spring is definitely a dress season. Luckily, white sneakers pair perfectly with both short, medium and maxi dresses. When pairing with the different dresses, make sure that you don’t overwhelm the outfit with too many accessories. A simple flowing dress with a matching hand purse is the perfect combination.

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Jeans: when pairing white sneakers, try and go for jeans that are dark in colour. This can range from your blues to black. Try and avoid matching white sneakers with light or pastel colours. The most suitable type of jeans to pair with white sneakers are straight cut, skinny and slim fit jeans. The other conventional choices are ripped and ‘mom’ jeans.

A pair of blue jeans with a grey T-shirt, a cardigan and a pair of sneakers is an outfit anyone can rock. But don’t forget your lush handbag to complete your look.

For work



Styling white sneakers for work can be tricky. You want to look presentable but not too casual at the same time. The trick is in the type of sneaker you choose to wear.

For work, opt for a pair that has minimal detail. It should have a contemporary feel that has a flat and level bottom. You can also pair white sneakers with a fitted blazer suit, in any colour with a plain t-shirt underneath.

Try and stick to one accessory, and avoid your outfit being overloaded. If you want a more relaxed look for work, dress your sneakers down with a blouse of your choice and a pair of trousers.

For the weekend



On the weekend, there is no limit on how you can style your white sneakers. This is the time to let loose and be creative with your outfit choices. On weekends, you are most likely to go for night out or a fun lunch date, so your outfit should suit the occasion.

A look you can try is pairing your white sneakers with a short denim skirt. This is a popular street wear look that anyone can pull off. Be sure that your denim skirt is at a length you are comfortable with. Match the look with a printed t-shirt and your preferred sling bag.

Choosing the right pair

Many people have different brands they prefer to buy their sneakers from, and a specific style they gravitate towards. Shopping for footwear largely depends on the price differences, but take the time to make an informed decision and avoid regretting your pick. Choosing the right sneaker is easy; you just need to know what you are looking for.

Questions to ask yourself while shopping for new kicks should be: do I want leather, canvas or a mesh design? Am I going for a sporty or neutral look? And, am I looking for a zip-up, lace-up or strap on? Find one that speaks to what you are looking for, and makes comfort your priority.

Final thoughts

The spring season has a fresh and crisp aura, so don’t overwhelm your outfits. Keep them clean and simple. Cleaning your white sneakers depends on the type of sneaker you have. Sneaker stores always have cleaning supplies on display, so speak to the shop assistant and find out what is the most suitable cleaning method for your sneakers.

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