Cape Point Villa overlooks the Cape Point Nature Reserve, with cascading mountains and fynbos, echoing a peaceful atmosphere

The guesthouse is in Scarborough, a conservation village near Cape Town, named after the tip of Africa which is just a short drive away. As part of its drive to integrate with nature, the sleepy village doesn’t have streetlights, and limits all types of pollution including noise.

Just a few minutes on from Misty Cliffs, named after the mist that rolls in from the sea, it’s a magical and beautiful holiday destination that a few are lucky enough to call home.

Cape Point Villa

Just down a quiet dirt road, on the outskirts of Scarborough lies Cape Point Villa, which is just as committed to tranquillity as the rest of the village.

The guesthouse is spacious, luxurious and generously proportioned. With giant windows overlooking the rocky outcrop of the nature reserve, it’s a view you’ll enjoy whether over a sundowner or with good cup of coffee while watching the sun rise.

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A fine dining room, modern kitchen and plush lounge form part of the common area, making allowance for self-catering if you book the whole villa. During the winter, blankets are draped over the furniture while the pool and outdoor area become more inviting in summer.

A wonderful getaway from the big city, Cape Point Villa is not without creature comforts

Our deluxe room was as big as an apartment, offering heaters, candles, a variety of downlight mood settings and high quality finishes. A king-sized bed with fine linen and a sense of style is adjacent to a big bathroom with double basin and double shower.

The shower overlooks the picturesque landscape, giving an outdoor feeling and fresh air when you open the window. The luxurious bathroom puts a lot of hotels to shame in terms of its overall look and feel. There was also a second spacious bathroom with a toilet and bidet.

The room is tastefully decorated, giving you everything you would expect, including little touches like a beach bag and towels if you decide to spend a day at the beach, and a desk if you need to jot down some thoughts, write a poem or possibly get started on your novel. There’s plenty of cupboard and hanging space and a sense of uniformity with simple yet chic furniture.

This really is five-star accommodation in terms of style and comfort

While some prefer having staff constantly buzzing about, Cape Point Villa is more discreet, giving you a sense of privacy. One has the sense that the guesthouse is geared towards ‘getting away from it all’ and disconnecting from the rat race. Simple, elegant and sleek, it really is an impressive home, which makes you feel like a guest at a wealthy friend’s place.

Scarborough village itself is small, and has a strong community of nature lovers

Walking along Scarborough Beach on a perfect, bright midwinter’s day, we came across people walking dogs, surfing and even an artist painting a landscape. It’s one of those places where you can see the stars clearly at night – there was something quite magical about the atmosphere following a pristine day and watching as dusk rose on the horizon. This really is an idyllic place for a romantic weekend away.

For supper, we settled on The Village Hub

It’s a bit pricier than the neighbouring Camel Rock restaurant, which serves more of a pub-friendly menu, but definitely gets top marks for taste and presentation. The Hub is on the first floor, giving a better view of the sunset and in keeping with the local populace’s conservation philosophy, there are plant-based options.

My husband had the Naked Veggie Burger, a crumbed bean and spice patty enrobed in a bed of green salad. I had what is called the Buddha Bowl, a delightful medley of colourful and tasty vegan bliss. This was actually my second Asian dish for the day, as we had popped into The Red Herring in Noordhoek en route – another recommended stop on your journey to Scarborough. Two deck views, two delicious meals later it was time to return to the guesthouse – after visiting the beach one last time to stargaze.

Scarborough beach

Famous nearby beaches

This is a great spot to use as a base if you’re planning to visit the penguins at Boulders Beach, Cape Point National Park or just wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. With little or no cell phone reception, you don’t really have any choice but to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet and wonderful natural surroundings.

At night, it’s just you and the frogs merrily chattering among themselves in a choir that could have inspired the animated music video for Paul McCartney’s We All Stand Together. Venetian blinds block out any moonlight there might be, ensuring a good night’s rest.

After checking out at 10am, we visited the cozy Whole Earth Cafe, which was recommended as one of the guesthouse owner’s favourite eateries – we were not disappointed. My husband had a Waffle Hollandaise, which was served as you’d expect, with a side of rocket. Shift your eggs to one half of the generously proportioned waffle, ask for some honey, and you have something sweet too! With a variety of vegan options, I eventually settled on the creamy mushrooms with avo and fresh greens – most delicious.

Venture over to Simon’s Town

After your stay in the special village of Scarborough, if you’re not heading back to town or towards Cape Point, you could venture over Red Hill into Simon’s Town. The natural beauty and views are wonderful and there are several excellent spots to pull off the road for a snapshot or two.

* My partner and I stayed at Cape Point Villa for one night courtesy of Bianca MacDonald.

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