If you need make-up inspiration for the spring, look no further than Sarah Langa!

The model and fashionista has been serving all kinds of heat with her outfits and now she’s switched it up with a new killer face beat.

Sarah Langa updated her Twitter users to let them know that she was trying out a new make-up technique and “serving face” in the process.

We’re used to seeing the model dressed up to the nines for her photos, but on Wednesday she took it to the next level and it came as no surprise that all the attention was on her face (although her dress and handbag got a fair amount of love too!)

Her replies have been filled with questions from curious followers who want the details on how she’s altered her look and after looking closely (and zooming in until our screens were blurry!) we have managed to pick up a few of the changes she’s made to her usual routine in order to achieve this new look.


In the age of ‘on fleek’ eyebrows, it looks as if Sarah has gone for a more natural brow and has kept true to her natural brow shape (although they look thicker than normal).

She’s brushed her brows up and ditched the filled-out concealer look in the process.


In keeping with a more ‘natural’ effect, Sarah’s loyal followers will have spotted the difference between the eyelashes in this look versus the usual mascara trick she pulls.

In previous photos, Sarah has made use of mascara to look as if she’s wearing false lashes but this time around it looks as if she’s gone for a more minimal look (that might have been achieved without eyeliner!)


Her lips stand out in this brand new face beat mostly because of the sharp contrast between her lip liner and her actual lipstick colour. She’s achieved this by using a darker lip liner which is both thin and very defined and stands out even more because she has not blended it with the rest of her lip.

The changes in Sarah Langa’s new technique are subtle, but they definitely work together to create a very pronounced final product.

What do you think of Sarah’s new look? Is this something you’d be keen on recreating for your next face beat?