Painting a table using paint roller

3. Revamp old furniture

A little DIY and you may not need to replace those old side tables, coffee table or your TV cabinet after all.

A few coats of chalk paint could be all you need to review old living room furniture and completely change the look of the room. Imagine those old pieces in a refreshing white, a soft grey, dramatic dark charcoal, jewel-coloured green, a deep blue or a sweet pink.

4. Framed

Dark wood, light wood, silver, gold, white and black… when it comes to mirror and picture frames, you may have a collection on your living room walls that look like they don’t belong together.

Sort out the picture frames you love and want to keep (you don’t have to keep every gifted frame), and then use paint to freshen them up and create a cohesive look.

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While you have those frames off the wall, you might as well update the pictures too, with some new family photos, your art, the kids’ art and gorgeous prints.

If you want to create a gallery wall with photos, avoid colour clashes by considering the main colours in each image, and how those colours look together and within the overall colour scheme of the living room. For example, if your colour scheme is based on blue and your theme is coastal, family photos on the beach would look great. When in doubt, you could always consider black-and-white photos.

Tips for decorating with indoor plants

5. Add plants

Beautiful, peaceful, air-purifying and bang on trend, adding an indoor plant or two is a great way to decorate a room on a budget.

You could add a hanging basket to help draw eyes up and make the ceiling appear higher than it is. An indoor tree or palm could be used to fill and soften an open, boring looking corner or simply add a pretty pot of blooming chrysanthemums to a table – they’re lovely, cheap and will outlast any bouquet of fresh flowers.