Popular SA influencer Mihlali Ndamase is used to men sliding into her direct messages on Instagram, and once had the attention of someone very famous

We’re not talking local superstar but international footballer.

The vlogger revealed that a Liverpool player once sent her an interesting DM, but she was seeing someone else at the time.

“One day I’ll talk about how ndandishelwa yiLiverpool player, but my a** was dumb and in love. Yhu semuncu,” she tweeted.


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Her followers tried to get details about the mystery player but Mihlali refused to reveal his identity.

But that didn’t stop her fans from playing the guessing game.

“Daniel Sturridge? either him or Gini Wijnaldum,” one tweeted.

One Twitter user pointed out that Georginio Wijnaldum is married with children.

Tweeps dug further and Mihlali spilled more tea

One tweep told the influencer that “anything is possible through Christ” and she must try chatting to the footballer again now that she is single.

Another fan agreed: “”Hy Stranger” text and Let God do the rest… This can still be salvaged.”

But Mihlali dropped a major bombshell. Apparently the footballer blocked her after she rejected his advances.

Her loyal fans did not give up hope.

One shared a sneaky way in which she could get unblocked if she has his number.

“Do this hun write his no: down or on notepad delete whatsap and download whatsap again and boom u back to his whatsap. You probably asking what do I need in return just his latest soccer jersey Wil do lol.”

We think this is a lost cause but at least we have learned some new skills on how to get unblocked!