You don’t have to be a celeb on the red carpet to rock dark lipstick, you just need to know how to wear it the right way…

How often have you seen an image of a celeb rocking a fabulous dark lipstick and thought how amazing it looks? So much so that you went out and bought yourself a similar lipstick, but now every time you muscle up the courage to go out into the world donning your new accessory, you chicken out (and spend a good while fixing your make-up now that there’s a dark stain around your lips!).

Because we believe every woman has the right to go bold and dark with her lipstick, we’re here to give you tips for wearing your dark lipstick the right way:

It’s all about the foundation

And for once we aren’t talking about the base you’re putting on your face… here we mean your actual lips.

Dark lipstick will highlight every crack or bit of dry skin on your lips, so you need to make sure there are none of these.

Exfoliate your lips – either using a gentle scrub or your toothpaste, and then moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! This will also help the colour stay put on your lips, which is a great bonus!

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Choose wisely

You always need to be selective about your lip colour, but this couldn’t be more true than when you’re looking for a dark colour. Darker shades can very easily wash you out, making you look super pale and even ill, so spend as much time as you need in the shop, trying on various colours.

Whether the shade has a blue or red undertone will make a huge difference on how it looks on your complexion, so ask the professionals for some advice, and don’t feel pressured into picking a shade you don’t absolutely love.

Dark lipstick deserves to be the star of the show, so keep the rest of your make-up really simple and allow it to make the impact

Use a lip liner

Darker colours show up a lot more, and thus appear to bleed much more than lighter shades. A lip liner will stop this from happening, so make sure you purchase a lip liner that matches your lipstick to avoid the dreaded smudge. Speaking of smudging…

Check your application a number of times

No one wants to be walking around with lipstick on their teeth or a great big lipstick smudge across their face, so check yourself in the mirror a few times before you leave the house or get out of the car. Keep a bit of concealer on hand to tough up your make-up should any smudges occur.

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Don’t overdo your make-up

Dark lipstick deserves to be the star of the show, so keep the rest of your make-up really simple and allow it to make the impact. If the rest of your make-up is bold too, you risk looking a bit clown-like. That said, if you’re heading for a night out, there’s nothing wrong with a smokey eye and a dark lip.

Don’t forget your confidence

The reality is that you can pull off anything you want if you’re wearing it with confidence. Remember that you are fabulous and that you look fierce, and half the battle is already won!