With summer on the horizon, it’s time for fun and play in the sun! Unfortunately, it’s also a time you’ll see  more bugs in the home. Ants had a notoriously pesky outbreak in Gauteng last summer.

Pet beds, dishes and bowls are big draw cards for ants, so here’s what you can do to keep them at bay…

Firstly, ants will be drawn to the free food and water your pets’ bowls provide.

You may have seen special ‘ant-free’ bowl designs in pet shops. All these have is a tiny lip at the base, allowing you to add a little water. The rim is too small to annoy your animal, but the ants drown fast.

You can recreate the same effect at home by placing the animal’s bowl in a shallow saucer just a little bigger than the bowl.

The cleaner you keep your pet’s sleeping area, the less pests you’ll find there too

Be sure to brush down and shake off animal bedding once a week, as well as give the area a general tidy.

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Watch out for the tell-tale signs of ant infestation, including small mounds of disturbed dirt in hidden spots.

Lastly, be sure to use a sealing bucket with a lid to store all animal food without pests getting in.

Ants can be pests, but with a little care and attention, you’ll make your pet’s home a lot less attractive for them.