Nothing looks more welcoming than well-loved wood. Whether it’s your dining room table or that heirloom from your Nana, there’s something so homey about a gorgeous wood surface.

Here are our top tips to keep your wood looking great, no matter what:

Spill control

Don’t allow excessive moisture to pool on your wood. That’s anything from dining room spills to mopping water on wood floors. Coasters and furniture caps can help prevent scuffs and scrapes, too. Be sure to wipe wooden surfaces regularly too, to prevent dust and grime build up.

Clean gently

Many modern cleaners are a little too harsh for wood. Choose your cleaners carefully, and use items that are specialised for wooden surfaces for preference. You don’t want to strip the protective coating.

Avoid atmospheric issues

Most woods will bleach (and cherrywood will darken) if exposed to excessive sunlight. Try not to place wooden items where they receive direct sunlight for long periods. Changes in temperature and humidity will also cause issues with wood. Be particularly careful of this if you are storing a piece for a long time.

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With a little love and care, wooden pieces can last for centuries!