Living in a small home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort, thanks to the wonders of moveable modular sofas

Lots of chairs in a small living room can feel cluttered and, although comfortable looking, L-shaped and corner-unit sofas make it hard to move your living room furniture around when you feel like a change.

It’s probably why modular sofas are becoming increasingly popular.

Made up of parts, often bought separately, modular sofas allow you to add to and change the configuration of your living room seating. You could move the seats around to create a long sofa, an L-shaped couch and even a big sofa bed for movie night – much like stylish, adult building blocks.

It’s a versatile option for any living room, but it’s particular useful for renters who might want or need to change their living room furniture layout when moving into a new home.

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Here are a few modular sofa options to suit every budget and space…

An option for a narrow living room

Many modern sofas have a seat depth of over 100cm, which is wonderfully comfy, but not ideal if you have a small narrow living room.

With dimensions of 80cm x 80cm x 75cm (seat height : 40cm), this modular sofa from Sixth Floor (available via Superablist) is a great option for tight spaces.

Each piece is bought separately and consists of a modular single-seater (R3 599), modular corner unit (R3 999), and modular ottoman (R2 599).

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