Whether they’re fresh-cut flowers or a blooming pot plant, flowers are a great addition to your home. Not only are they just nice to look at, but they also have other benefits.

It doesn’t matter if they’re from someone special or a special gift from you to you, flowers have some great benefits for you and everyone in your home.

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They’re a natural and constant air freshener

Many perfumes and air fresheners are inspired by the scent of flowers. Having fresh flowers in your home brings you the scent from its original source.

Although fresh flowers don’t stay fresh forever, while they’re fresh they release their scent, constantly perfuming your home with a beautiful fresh smell without the added chemicals found in air fresheners. These chemicals may be harmful to you and the environment over time.

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They lift your mood and contribute to creativity

The beauty and smell of flowers has been linked to positive emotions and creativity. Flowers have even been said to contribute to physical healing.

Although the scientific studies may not apply to everyone, flowers are associated with love, care and kindness. Having them around you can make you feel loved and cared for. Even flowers you bought yourself can inspire these feelings as an act of self-love and care.

Flowers can also contribute to your décor

There are so many different types of flowers; different shapes, colours and sizes, each suitable to different smells, bouquets of flowers, tastes and décor styles.

Finding flowers that set the right mood, complement the style of your home and smell just right can be fun and also introduce you to flower types you’ve never heard of. Visiting the flower market can also help you learn about creative flower and colour combinations and give you ideas for future bouquets.

Getting fresh flowers is easy

Although almost every supermarket has flowers, thanks to online shopping, you can now just have flowers delivered to you on request or put in a standing order of flowers that arrive regularly.

Reputable florists like Netflorist allow you to choose your own bouquets and have them sourced and arranged by professionals, then delivered right to your door.

Planting your favourite flowers in your garden is an affordable alternative to buying them. Keep a mix of flowers with different blooming schedules and have a frequent supply of flowers to make your own bouquets. This DIY project will give you different flower types to use and keep things changing every season.

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You can choose flowers with therapeutic qualities

Aromatherapy has helped many people over the years. One of the most common medicinal plants is lavender. Just the scent is said to soothe the nerves and help you sleep better.

Adding lavender to your bouquets can add a burst of purple and also help you relax. If you find that lavender is helpful to you and you just can’t live without it anymore, you can keep potted lavender and keep it growing in your home and garden, giving you a constant fresh supply.

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