2.     Are those flavours really natural?

A vast number of packaged foods claim to contain ‘natural’ flavourings. But what does ‘natural’ mean?

Well, to you it probably means that the flavourings are from the real food, right? Not so fast. The majority of these flavourings are laboratory-manufactured tastes that simulate the flavours in the real foods. Natural? Not so much. Stick with real natural foods  by eating the real, natural food. A fresh apple, a handful of nuts, squeeze your own orange juice… don’t blindly trust the labels on your food!

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3.     Oil – olive or snake?

The are SO many misleading olive oil labels out there. What you really want is 100% pure, cold pressed olive oil.

But many of them are only trying to give you that impression, without actually delivering the goods. Many, many of the oils on the supermarket shelves are blended oils, composed of some olive oil, and mixed with a lot of other, cheaper oils. Is that a problem?

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Well, it depends what you are looking for. These oils are cheaper, but also, arguably less healthy. So if you’re looking for a general cooking oil, they may be fine. But if you want a salad-dressing oil, then I’d think again. Read the ingredients list to check on what percentage of the oil in the bottle is actually pure olive oil.

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