The food industry is a strange place, filled with foods that look simple, but are actually pretty complicated…

Do you know what is really in your cupboards, or are you just trusting your gut to tell you what’s what? Just because the marketing info on the package says that it’s ‘healthy’ that doesn’t mean it’s true. Unfortunately, it’s up to you to do your research and ensure that what you THINK you’re buying is actually what’s put inside the fancy packaging.

If you’re on a diet, you may want to read on, and find ways to get the real low-down on your food.

1.     How pure is your honey?

Commercial honey producers have been known to mix genuine honey with other sweeteners including sugar cane syrup, corn syrup or rice syrup to make the honey ‘cheaper’ and to produce more for the growing demand.

The honey has also been shown to contain antibiotics that are sprayed on the hives to try to keep the bees healthy. However, this makes human consumers less responsive to antibiotic medications.

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China is a huge culprit in diluting honey, and South Africa buys a lot of honey from China. Watch the Netflix documentary Rotten to see  how your honey could be compromised. Make sure you read your labels carefully, or support small local farmers rather than the commercial honey industry.

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