No wi-fi, no problem: these are the top 20 destinations for a digital Detox…

Heading off on holiday gives us a chance to switch off from the stresses of day-to-day life, but can we truly relax if we’re still tied to our phone?

No matter your reason for traveling, be it adventure, exploration or even visiting family – the temptation to check that email notification or social media alerts can be all too tempting, and can distract us from some much needed R&R.

By looking at the number of wi-fi hotspots, the percentage that have access to the internet, and more, this study finds the best places to avoid the internet and relax.

Hayes and Jarvis have scoured the world to find destinations that will ensure you can switch off. By examining the population density, the percentage of the country that has been built on and the number of Wi-Fi hotspots and 4G availability (where less is better) – they’ve found the top 20 places perfect for a digital detox.

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Click on the link above to view all 20, but here is more about the Top 5 places to unplug:

Costa Rica

In Central America, bordering the Caribbean is Costa Rica, the best destination for a digital detox. Over half of the population (66%) here has access to the internet but with 4G speeds of 5.82 Mbps, you won’t be surfing the web quickly.

Instead of being distracted by the internet, you could surf the waves or venture into the jungle. Costa Rica also has the highest percentage of parkland at 25%, higher than any other destination on the list making it the perfect location to get back in touch with nature.