View on Gorche chicamocha canyon in the Andes of Colombia. Image: Ulf Hbner


There are many things to do in Colombia, from cave exploration to horseback riding, perfect activities to distract you from your digital devices. Parks also make up 13% of Colombia so be sure to visit one of the 56 throughout the country. Research showed that only 0.19% of Colombia is built on, leaving a lot of untouched and beautiful space for exploration.


Machu Picchu, Peru. UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World Image: carmengabriela


Peru is home to the famous Machu Picchu, and many other historical sites. The South American country is also a perfect destination for some downtime. Even though nearly half of the population (45%) have access to the internet, you’ll find yourself more occupied by the number of outdoor activities available here rather than checking your emails. These could be exploring the Sacred Valley or trekking through the Amazon.

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Helen Adamson, Hayes & Jarvis Brand & Commercial Director comments:

“It is vital for both our mental and physical health for us to get the full rest we need. Digital devices like phones or tablets can at times hinder our ability to turn-off and truly relax, which is why we conducted research into locations where the internet is limited or unavailable.

“Based on the population density, 4G speed and availability, number of individuals using the internet and more – we found that Costa Rica is the best place to go for a digital detox. The research highlights the top 20 countries that offer you the chance to truly switch-off and will be perfect for a digital detox.”

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