Africa’s a dusty place! You’ve probably noticed that your electronics attract even more dirt than other surfaces…

This is due to the electric fields they produce –  and the static-cling that comes with it! This small tip, however, may be all you need to ensure less dust on your valuable possessions.

Use a tiny drop of fabric softener on your damp cloth when you wipe these items.

You don’t want to over-do it, of course, or you risk leaving a sticky layer behind that will just gather more dust.

However, a tiny drop of this static-busting mix, and you’ll cut down on a ton of surface static over your electronics.

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You can also use a dryer sheet – which is basically just fabric conditioner for use in the dryer, anyway – to achieve the same effect.

We can’t promise it will banish all the dust for good, but at least you will see less of it stuck to your keyboards and screens!