We’ve all been guilty of buying too many veggies in a flush of guilt about healthy eating. With these tips under your belt, however, you’ll keep your veggies crisper, fresher and tastier for longer- and who knows, you may even finish them this time!

Firstly, it’s important to use the veggie drawer of your fridge properly- no beer or other items here! This area is designed to ensure tender veggies aren’t ‘burned’ by the cold of the fridge, and to avoid the water-heavy vegetables freezing up. So it’s a veggie-only zone!

Next, line the drawer with a little bubble wrap. Not only will this insulate the veggies a bit, but it will also prevent damage and bruising.

Try to use open net or cotton bags, or other containers that can ‘breathe’ for your veggies, rather than the clingfilm they come in.

This ensures an excess of water doesn’t build up. Lastly, dampen a cheap microfibre cloth to lay in the drawer. Refresh the water every few days.

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While it seems counter-intuitive, with this slightly raised humidity, you’ll also see less water drawn out of the vegetables. The result? Crisper, crunchy veggies that don’t wilt or go slimy.

With a well-managed veggie drawer in your fridge, you’ll find a lot more satisfaction in cooking fresh, tasty dishes too.