If you’re a conscientious cook, you want the best for your family and the flavour of the dish…

We all know that chopping boards need regular care, attention and oiling to help maintain a sanitary, waterproof exterior that’s easy to clean up.

You may be surprised to see good old mineral oil, in a 3:1 ration with beeswax, is still the most recommended coating for your board. We take a look at why.

You’d probably imagine a vegetable oil would be the better route, wouldn’t you?

There’s one key reason this is a chopping board no-no, however. Rancidity.

The oil on your board will be soaking in to stay. Veggie oils quickly go rancid when exposed to oxygen, and far from preventing bacterial penetration of the board, will actively encourage it!

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Mineral oil and beeswax are both inert, won’t taint the food, and can’t go off either, making them the best choice.

Remember to keep your board lightly oiled to extend its life and ensure it stays sealed and sanitary.