By Cath Jenkin

Sparkle up your home with a spring home decor makeover. Add a splash of springtime colour, or welcome a new piece to your safe haven. We cover colour, trends, and must-do spring home decor essentials.

Let’s talk colour

Our home decor trend spotters have had their eyes peeled on all things colourful to keep the dreary winter hues at bay. Of course, as the seasons change and light moves through your home differently each day, it can be quite fun to play with hues and shades.

When it comes to colour, your personal taste is a big deciding factor, along with your furniture and fittings. But, if you’re feeling bold and ready for a full spring home decor makeover, these are the three colours you should look towards incorporating:

Oh, indigo

As a powerful and striking colour, indigo can help to set a spring scene in your living areas – especially if you’re looking to create cute contrasts through your decor dreams (more on how contrasts are going big in spring, shortly!) While we’re not sure it’s a colour you’d use on your walls – the dark hue may mean your living room heats up beyond comfortable during summer – it is a colour that can easily be incorporated into your spring home decor, through the addition of cushions, wall art, ornaments, or soft furnishings. It’s an almost luxurious colour, and everyone remembers it from learning about the rainbow!

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Make it mustard

Winter fashion seems to have handed this trend on to spring home decor in 2019. Another bold and warm colour, mustard yellow is a must for your living areas this season. Dig around your local antique stores for a few interesting trinkets, occasional chairs, or other items that’ll help you inject a little pop of mustard yellow into the mix. Or, bring out the spray=paint and turn that light-coloured lamp into something a little more appealing for 2019.

Living coral, at home

Proclaimed as Pantone’s Colour Of The Year, Living Coral is regarded as a nourishing, bold, and energising colour, that inserts a sense of playfulness into your spring home decor. Living Coral has also been described as the colour of ‘carefree happiness’ and, to be quite sure, that’s an inspirational theme to set your springtime scene at home. Living Coral looks great on a feature wall, and we predict it’ll hang around on trend for a little longer than just a year.

How to decorate with the 2019 colour – Living Coral

Our big home decor tip

Incorporating new colours into your spring home decor doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget and repaint the entire house. Instead, stick to picking certain items to incorporate a change of colour – and of season – into your spring home decor. We recommend:

Paint a feature wall: Feature walls are a great way to centre the attention in your living room or highlight something unique and special in your home. And, if you’re just painting one wall, it gets a whole bunch easier to incorporate seasonal trends into your living areas. Take a look at these ideas for a feature wall for your home.

Add new accessories or trinkets: New ornaments on your shelves, set in springtime hues, or a simple swap-out of your cushion covers, can help you switch it up for spring. You’re not about to buy a new couch every season, but new cushion covers are an easy – and budget-friendly – way to stay on trend.

Select a centre piece item: Popping out to pick up five new items for your home could put a hole in your wallet, so don’t do it. Rather, head to your local market, antique, or second-hand store, to find a centrepiece item for each room you’d like to redo. Second-hand items sometimes need a repaint, a good scrub, or similar. Turn it into a weekend project with the kids.

Say no to neutral

Neutral tones are a thing of the past, and contrast is king this spring. But, you don’t need to redo an entire room to set this into motion. Instead, add one boldly coloured item to a neutral-toned room, and you’ll bring a whole new season into the scene.

Contrasting colours work well for livening up a bedroom, or your study. And, if you’re feeling bold, creating contrast in your kitchen could work well too.

Textures and time

Contrasting textures are another possible addition to your spring home decor do-over, and this one’s relatively easy to do. Patterned items, tiles, or furnishings, can help to create that feeling of texture in a room. For bedrooms, contrasting textures in linen and soft furnishings can help bring this spring home decor trend to life. Adding interesting textures to your room’s furnishings, linen, and accessories, helps to imbue a sense of cosiness and comfort.

Sprucing up your home on a budget

Repurpose and recycle

In our era of climate change concerns, and a significant focus on sustainable living, this is one trend that we’re certain won’t be going away. Repurposing unusual items, or recycling the items that are absolutely could-use-twice, is a must. Repaint that old chest of drawers, or splash life back into that wood table. We love the idea of eco bricks too! If you’re wanting to create an interesting feature wall, or put up a dividing screen within a room, don’t rush out and buy one. Rather, make one with recycled goods. An infusion of colour and contrast could easily be created with eco bricks.

Bring your garden indoors

Adding plants to your living areas is a must. Not only can they help to purify your home’s air, they also add a touch of colour and calm to any room. Creating a calming space in your home is made that much easier with the addition of household plants. But, don’t forget to check with your vet for recommendations on pet-friendly plants.

Wabi-sabi wonder

Finding and enjoying the beauty and wonder of what you have in front of you right now is often difficult in our fast-paced lives. But, this philosophy of living in the moment – known as Wabi-sabi, is made tangible through incorporating it into your daily life…and your home. The Wabi-sabi way turns down the idea of excess, and focuses on enjoying the moment before you. The Wabi-sabi approach to home decor invests in long-lasting items, gives meaning to the art of repurposing items, and appreciates the joy of second-hand goods. It’s an intentional approach to living well, and living peacefully.

Create a happy home with the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi

And that’s a wrap! Enjoy welcoming this new season into your home. What your plans for a spring home decor switch-around this season?

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