The boiler suit is the hottest trend right now. This is how you can wear it:

Victoria Beckham, Bella Hadid and Margot Robbie are all huge fans of the boiler suit and you should be wearing this amazing, comfy and easy all-in-one piece as well.

Fancy Nancy

Boiler suits were originally worn by workers in boiler rooms – far from glamorous – but now these suits comes in several tailored and glam fits and styles. The one way to turn any boiler suit into a great glam piece is to throw on a magnificent belt that will cinch in at the waist.

Belted jumpsuit, R1299
Khaki tailored jumpsuit, R996

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A modern touch

The 2019 version of the boiler suit is a great piece for any weather and anytime of day. Whether in long or short sleeves, the cinched waist flatters your figure and like any other one piece, the boiler suit elongates your body.

One great thing about the boiler suit is that you can put literally zero thought into your outfit and still look cool.

Khaki boiler suit, R899

Olive boiler jumpsuit, R199.99

The classic

The classic boiler suit is a fashion hit. Although you’re covered from your neck to your ankles, the boiler suit is far from boiling – it’s actually pretty roomy and comfy inside.

Throw on a pair of heels and you can strut your fashionable stuff anywhere in this suit.

Black boiler suit, R999

Grey khaki boiler suit, R409