Starting a brand-new relationship can be challenging and quite frankly intimidating

You are used to being single and the freedom that comes with it. Adjusting can be hard at first, but there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Here are some things to bear in mind that could help make your transition easier:

Being SUPER independent

If you’ve been doing everything yourself for a long time, lowering your guard and ‘letting in’ your new special person could prove to be challenging.

Yes, you’ve cooked your meals, paid your bills, and transported yourself to places but if your new significant other wants to help, let them! If they offer to pay for your meal while you’re out on date night, say thank you and accept the gesture with a smile.

There’s nothing worse than having an attitude of, “I don’t really need your help – I’m used to doing it myself.” This is a sure way to make your partner feel insignificant.

There’s nothing worse than having an attitude of “I don’t really need your help – I’m used to doing it myself.”

Going out every weekend

If your weekends used to be about parties and drinks at your local bar, this could change with a new special someone in your life.

Make sure to spend some quality time together – just the two of you. You don’t need to be going out to party all the time!

Yes, it’s important to keep your friendships strong, and not to cut your friends out of your life just because you have a new partner, but sometimes all you need is a night in with a bag of popcorn and Game of Thrones playing on the TV, while you cuddle up together on the couch.

It’s not just about physical intimacy

Work on your relationship by getting to know them better, finding out what they like and helping them deal with any problems they may have.

Remember those late-night chats where you started opening up to each other? The debates about whether the ending of that movie should have been different? Those are the moments that matter!

Be there for each other emotionally and you will have a much stronger relationship! We aren’t saying don’t enjoy physical interaction with your partner, but going a bit deeper than that, no matter how scary it seems, is well worth the reward. Intimacy is not only physical.

Neglecting to text

We’ll leave this one up to you and your ‘bae’ to discuss. Being single meant that you didn’t have to answer to anyone about your whereabouts, but it’s different now.

If you’re out with friends or leave your partner’s house late at night, they may appreciate a message or a call from you telling them you’re safely home. Just think about it, would you want to know if they’re okay when they aren’t with you?

New love is amazing! Just remember to keep the spark alive and have fresh breath whenever you’re around each other. It makes those intimate moments even more special!