Here are a few simple swaps that you can make if you want to achieve your weight-loss goals quicker.

Choose water over other drinks

Make water your drink of choice. It is low in calories compared to other drinks and supports an overall optimum health. Consider swapping your afternoon cup of tea or coffee for a refreshing glass on water. You could even infuse it with some lemon, mint leaves or fresh fruit for an added burst of flavour!

Swap an unhealthy snack for a healthy snack

Throw out the junk, highly processed snacks and stock up on healthier options instead. For example, clear the cupboard of sweets, chocolates and biscuits and buy more fresh or even dried fruit, nuts and greek yoghurt. The natural flavours of these foods are simply delicious! Keep an open mind.

Move instead of sitting down

Find every opportunity you can to move. The more calories you burn, the quicker you will reach your weight-loss goals. For example, if you are meeting a friend to have a chat, suggest going for a walk whilst doing so, instead of sitting down in a coffee shop.

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