While a tiny home may not be the right move for your family right now, there are some ways that the trends of the tiny house movement can be part of life in a regular-sized home.

The tiny house trend has taken the world by storm and more people are voluntarily living in smaller spaces. With innovation and a lot of adapting, tiny homes are a comfortable choice for many families around the world.

By implementing some tips and tricks popularly used in tiny homes you could make life in your regular-sized home simpler, more efficient and even more comfortable.

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It just makes sense: having less stuff means having more space. While we all know how decluttering works, many of us make the mistake of thinking that the space we clear when decluttering is space for more stuff.

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In a tiny home, there is no space for things you don’t need. The trick to actually enjoying the benefits of decluttering your home is keeping it that way.

Clutter doesn’t only refer to knick-knacks and other dust collectors, clutter could extend to furniture too; having more seating than you need, aimless tables and appliances all contribute to a closed-in space.

Turn everything into storage

From seating to the walls, creating storage out of what you already have in your home means not having to bring in single-purpose storage that takes up space.

Trust us, you can have more storage in your home without having more furniture. Tiny home enthusiasts aren’t the only ones enjoying this furniture trend. It is pretty main-stream to have drawers in the base of your bed and storage in your ottomans. Having enough storage also means having less of your stuff on display, giving you more actual living space.

Create open-plan living spaces

Walls not only take up space, but they also give permanent designations to the space in your home, making them less flexible. In a tiny home, living spaces are used for more than one purpose – having an open-plan home makes this easier and also practical.

Open-plan spaces are a modern trend and more homes (even very large ones) have open living spaces, sometimes with the kitchen, living and dining room housed in one living area. This creates the impression of more room and more space and lets you and your family enjoy more space for whatever activity you are doing in your home.

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