Glitter makeup is back in a big way – not only to add some sparkle to your evening make-up, but during the day too.

Most people are wary of wearing glitter make-up, and for them, glitter make-up during the day would be completely out of the question. We’re here to tell you that with some inventive thinking and a moderate hand, you can wear the glitter make-up trend during the day without looking out of place.

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Add some glitter to your smokey eye

The smokey eye isn’t just an artfully blended grey, black and white combo. Different colour combinations can be used to create a striking smokey eye and a bit of glitter won’t hurt the look either.

Glitter can add some sparkle to your run-of-the-mill smokey eye and works brilliantly with neutral colours. Add a little glitter to the inner corner of your eye with just the tip of your eyeshadow brush to give a glam touch to your daytime look. Matching the colour of your glitter shadow to your main eyeshadow makes the look seamless and classy, drawing just the right kind of attention.

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glitter makeup

Glitter below the brow

Eyebrows have always been the diamond slopes when it comes to make-up. If you’re looking to add some adventure to your brow game, a thin line of glitter below the brow could be exactly what you need.

This look is great for day and night, and while it isn’t for everyone, when it works, it definitely works. If you’re not quite ready for glitter, try a generous swipe of highlighter. It’ll add some shine without looking over the top.

Body beautiful

The eyes aren’t the only place you can wear glitter during the day. Fine glitter is a great contouring and highlighting tool to add something special to your look. Choosing a highlighter or bronzer with fine glitter is a great way to literally make your make-up sparkle. But be careful, don’t apply it in more than one place, and keep the rest of your make-up understated.

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glitter makeup

Lovely lips

Disco-ball lips are an acquired taste – and we have not acquired that taste just yet – but we love the return of glittery lip gloss and metallic lipsticks with subtle bits of glitter. They’re easy to apply and make an instant statement.

glitter makeup