Whether they’re ripped by wear and literal tear or ripped by design, ripped jeans keep finding their way into fashion’s must-have section.

Wearing ripped jeans is a trend absolutely everyone can pull off – as long as they do it right. Here are the three most important things to consider if you’re planning to wear ripped jeans.

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Step 1: Make sure you have the right jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be hard work, especially if you want them ripped just right. Ripping your own jeans isn’t rocket science, but ripping your jeans just right does require some work.

If your jeans are too tight or not made of actual denim, the rips and distressing in your jeans may not come out as planned.

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Jeans that are too tight can make your flesh bulge out of rips and some stretchy materials may run or tear further than you would like. So before you start tearing, check whether your denims are 100% cotton.

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Step2: Planning and design

The first thing you need to do before you pull out your scissors is put your jeans on. Make sure they fit just right and plan where you want rips and wear and how much skin you actually want to show.

Mark the areas you want to wear out or distress and decide if you want actual rips in your jeans. Doing this while you are wearing the jeans helps make sure every tear is exactly where it should be.

Think about what parts of your body you’d like to draw attention to (or away from). Tears or distressed patch will attract the eye, so use them to your advantage.

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Step 3: Create your rip and distress pattern

Scissors are the easiest tool to use, but they don’t always give the right worn and distressed look.

Avoid making clean-cut holes in your clothes and rather use a razor blade to slowly make rough rips in your jeans leaving some of the stringy white material and threads intact.

To distress your jeans, use the small side of an old grater, because denim will definitely make your grater blunt. The small side of your grater will allow you to gradually distress your jeans so you can stop when you have the desired effect. You can also use sandpaper or a rough stone for a less hardcore look. This may take some time, but be patient and work carefully.

Try your jeans on every now and again and see how they look. Remember, you can always add more tears, but you can’t take them away!