Be clever when it comes to choosing what time to meet your colleagues for drinks or meals for that matter. It can affect your weight!

Wanting to meet friends, family or other colleagues for drinks can be a wonderful idea. After all, it’s great to socialise and mingle with others. You may however want to bear in mind that even beverages – whether alcoholic or not, can add calories to your daily calorie count.

Don’t forget that we often tend to order snacks to nibble on while enjoying beverages. Sometimes, the social could even extend to lunch. If you are not cautious and fully aware of what you are drinking and eating, you could be taking in more calories for the day than you had hoped to.

Opting to meet during the early afternoon or midday can be a good option especially if you are watching your weight. In this way, you would still have the remainder of the day to burn off the excess calories that you may have taken in. You would of course need to consider other things such as being able to consume alcohol during the day etc. Remember that tea, coffee or other beverages are also options to enjoy.

Whatever you order, just remember to stay wise with the food and drink choices that you make. Opt for low-calorie drinks and consider having less than you would normally have. Similarly, don’t go overboard with the portion size of food, especially if you are dining out. It can be very easy to lose track of how much you are consuming (both beverages and meals) when you are on the go or have a limited time in which to socialise.

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