Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 08:27 pm

Mihlali Ndamase has people talking about her once again but this time, her critics are not at all pleased – that she scored herself a free meal from KFC

All we can say is: It must be nice!

While many of us are forced to pay hard-earned and often scarce money to satisfy our cravings, it seems as if all Mihlali has to do is tweet that she was craving KFC; she is now the envy of the country

While many of us wait a long time for the official KFC Twitter account to reply to our queries, the KFC social media manager wasted no time in attending to the influencer and YouTuber’s wishes.

It all began when Mihlali wrote, “I’m craving KFC, what must happen?”. Less than three hours after the post went out, the official KFC South Africa account wrote back, “We’re awake, we hear you! Here’s a KFC with gravy, eat and be full and satisfy your cravings. Check your inbox for a treat from us!”

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While we’re used to seeing influencers and celebrities get plenty of free gifts and treats, something about this gesture from KFC didn’t sit well with people. For starters, it came in the same week that reports confirmed that the content creator charges over R25 000 for an Instagram post. In other words, she can more than easily afford to buy herself KFC!

Many others questioned whether our generous R2 donations, which are said to go towards the Add Hope Foundation, are actually funding freebies for influencers. Even Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula asked this question:

Other social media users expressed their displeasure at the way that this whole opportunity had panned out for Mihlali, while the rest of us were left with unsatisfied cravings on the timeline:

One tweep tried their luck with the Nandos South Africa team but it didn’t end nicely:

While the rest of us were left fuming on the timeline, Mihlali simply said “Thank you” and went on with her very prosperous life:

Does anybody else need some comfort food right now, because life clearly isn’t fair!