“Reality Check” is an article series which looks at common mistakes people make when they begin dieting for weight loss. We’ll check out some ‘thought adjustments’ that will help you make better choices on your journey. The articles include tips, new ideas to try, strategies to follow, and encouragement to keep you moving forward.

Secret eaters

“My best friend has been dieting for ages, and can’t seem to lose any weight. She eats so little when we’re together, she should surely have lost some weight by now .”

Many, many people who say they’re dieting play a very convincing game… They go to social occasions, parties, dinners, and they eat almost nothing. They drink water and (maybe) cheat with one small glass of red wine. When you ask them about it, they tell you all about the diet they are on, and how well they’re doing.

The problem is, over months and months of this behaviour, nothing changes in terms of their body weight or appearance.

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Has the diet failed them?

Probably not. If they have done their research and identified a healthy diet and weight loss programme, then it is most likely NOT the diet that is at fault. And if they’re not part of the very small percentage of people who struggle with a hormone imbalance, or who are on medication which affects their weight loss efforts, then in all likelihood, the simple answer is that the dieter, and not the diet are at fault.

Why? Because many of these people are actually secret eaters. They end up feasting on thousands of extra calories when they’re home alone, with no-one around to “judge” their actions. These binges completely destroy any of the hard work they do in public with regards to their diet.

How does one help a person like this?

In short, you can’t. Because this is an issue that can’t be solved through hugs and encouraging words. Secret eaters need professional assistance and accountability. They need to identify the reason behind their secret eating, and only then will they be able to face the challenge of a healthy diet and lifestyle plan.

This is a personal journey, and not something you can force them in to.

This is a tough one, but a real issue. Before you question the diet, question the actions of the dieter.

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