Last updated on Jan 29th, 2021 at 01:35 pm

Anele Mdoda was minding her own business this week when Phat Joe decided to throw some shade her way

The drama started when Anele was announced as one of the women who would judge the Miss SA 2019 pageant on Friday.

She joins actress Connie Ferguson, Miss SA 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray and model Thando Hopa on the judging panel.

Some people, including Phat Joe, questioned whether Anele was qualified for the job.

He discussed the matter on his Radio 2000 show this week and suggested that she was only picked because of affirmative action

Anele hit back. She took to Twitter to roast Phat Joe, calling him “washed out”

“Phat Joe is so obsessed with me. Like a dog barking at cars that won’t ever stop 🙂 he should concentrate on being at a radio gig longer than 5 min,” she wrote.

Anele was not done. She suggested that Phat Joe would not last at his current job because he can’t keep a job.

“Phat Joe must tell us what happened at East Coast Radio or every other job that he lasted a year and less. Don’t even know which station he is at now but give it 6 months. Shock jock is that is not shocking. Swine we blowfish.”

Anele is no rookie when it comes to judging. She has been a part of the Miss SA pageant for several years

“Also, Phat Joe I have judged Miss SA for four years now and picked a damn Miss World. My beauty has nothing to do with whether I can see beauty or not.

“Do me a favour and say that sh*t to my face the next time you scrape an invite to something relevant,” she tweeted.

Ouch! You have been served, Phat Joe!