It all began with the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840 – the original ‘influencer’ of her time!

Before the Queen’s wedding, women wore colourful, multi-use dresses. But the Queen used her ‘big day’ as a way to boost a struggling industry. Yes – her white dress was actually an ‘advert’.

In the past, women steered away from white dresses as they needed to be cleaned, but the Queen’s dress made such an impact that brides around the world followed her trend.

There aren’t any pictures of the original wedding but paintings show the exquisite dress, and how it wowed wedding guests. It made such an impression that 14 years after the wedding – when photography had been invented – the royals re-enacted their big day to capture the splendour of the Queen’s dress!

404666 03: A mannequin of Britain’s Queen Victoria, wearing her wedding dress, stands in front of a model of Queen Elizabeth (R) April 30, 2002 at the launch of the exhibition “A Century of Queens” Wedding Dresses 1840 – 1947″ at Kensington Palace in London. The dresses are on display for the first time as part of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840. The dress was made by one of the Queens dressmakers, Mrs Bettans from silk trimmed with lace. (Photo by Sion Touhig/Getty Images)

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