If you have been following our room-by-room decluttering challenge, your home will be looking good, but what about sentimental clutter?…

Joshua Becker, the author of numerous books on minimalism including his lastest titleThe Minimalist Home, says that if you’re just starting on a path towards minimalism, tackling sentimental items is going to be hard.

Instead start by getting rid of things you can easily part with, like items you know you don’t need in your wardrobe or kitchen before you tackle sentimental items.

Once you have all your sentimental items together, it’s understandably overwhelming.

“Remember that less is different to none,” advises Becker. This means that you don’t have to get rid of everything sentimental, but you could limit the number of sentimental items you keep.

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Melissa Maker, of ‘Clean My Space’, also believes in limited sentimental clutter and she has a simple solution – she suggests one box per family member for sentimental items and making sure that you only keep what fits into the box.

Becker says that it’s important to remember that the memories don’t exist in an item – the memories lie inside of hearts and souls.

Not all sentimental clutter is equal – while some items you may hold dear, other items you may be keeping out of guilt – like gifts you never liked, but which are tucked away so as not to hurt the gift-givers’ feelings. If it’s tucked away, you’re not using it, the gift giver doesn’t see the items in your home, so holding on to it makes no sense – just let it go.

For more tips on getting rid of clutter, watch these videos from Joshua Becker and Melissa Maker below…