Last updated on Jul 7th, 2020 at 02:17 pm

We knew it – chocolate is good for you! A new study has found that eating dark chocolate could boost your mental health

A study by the University College London found that eating dark chocolate positively affects mood and may even relieve depressive symptoms.

Working in collaboration with scientists from the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services Canada, researchers assessed data from 13 626 adults from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

After adjusting for factors like height, weight, marital status, ethnicity, education, household income, physical activity, smoking and chronic health problems, they found that people who reported eating any dark chocolate in two 24-hour periods had 70 per cent lower odds of reporting clinically relevant depressive symptoms than those who reported not eating chocolate at all.

The 25 per cent of chocolate consumers who ate the most chocolate (of any kind, not just dark) were also less likely to report depressive symptoms than those who didn’t eat chocolate at all.

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However, researchers found no significant link between any amount of non-dark chocolate consumption and clinically relevant depressive symptoms.

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The power of dark chocolate

Chocolate contains a number of psychoactive ingredients which produce a feeling of euphoria similar to that of cannabinoid, found in cannabis.

Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, a neuromodulator which is believed to be important for regulating people’s moods.

Dark chocolate has a higher concentration of flavonoids, antioxidant chemicals which have been shown to improve inflammatory profiles, which have been shown to play a role in the onset of depression.

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