4. Get into an meal/ eating routine

There are a lot of meals in the week that can easily be put into ‘autopilot’ mode. You can plan and cook a stew or soup, or a casserole on the weekend, for example, which can then be used as a dinner on week nights.

This serves as a quick, easy, healthy food option and takes potential temptation, stress, and exhaustion out of the equation when it comes to planning the week’s meals.

Breakfasts can (and should) be just as easy to plan, and lunch can be painless, too. All this requires is a little planning once per week, and you’re set. You’re much less likely to mess up this way.

Paprika Beef, Tomato and Mushroom Stew recipe


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5. Remember, if you never start…

…you will never get closer to your goal. And that’s really all that matters. Do it. Start today!