2. You WILL have some unavoidable slips and failures

If the diet says you should eat a salad for lunch, but you have a business meeting at a take-away joint, then you’re probably not going to find it easy to stick to the plan.

What do you do? Minimise the damage done by having whatever is closest to a healthy salad, even if that means having coleslaw and a chicken breast burger.

Your diet won’t fall apart from a little slip-up every now and then. Don’t throw in the towel just because of one unavoidable issue. Keep going and pick up the pieces as you go.

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3. You can also do another kind of damage-control

If you’ve indulged a big ‘cheat’ day – like a party or a braai that got out of hand – then you can mitigate the damage with a 24-hour fast.

Eat dinner today, and then simply don’t eat until dinner tomorrow. You can drink water, black tea, or black coffee (no added sweeteners, of course). You’ll be amazed at how well your body recovers from a giant meal given some time to do so. Just don’t make a habit of crazy ‘cheat days’, as it could easily lead to a ‘binge-and-starve’ spiral.



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