It is officially National Women’s Month this August. And, it is a time for a well-deserved tribute

You and fellow women should be commended for the various accomplishments you achieve, especially the progress you make when it comes to your finances. Finance is a big part of your daily lives and, therefore, worth celebrating, even if it is the tiniest achievement. Well, in a frugal manner, of course.

“South African women are beyond brave – tackling daily tasks and trying to keep their finances afloat in the process. I am very proud of them and I take my hat off to each and every one,” highlights Carla Oberholzer (debt adviser at DebtSafe).

For every step of financial independence and empowerment, there should indeed be room for a happy celebration.

Here are four frugal ways to celebrate even the slightest financial progress that you make:

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1. Stick to your ‘financial tick-list’ and feel a sense of pride

Grocery list – check; budget outline – check; six out of your eight financial goals – check/achieved… Well done! Every time you stick to your shopping list, budget and financial goals it can certainly help you to avoid unnecessary spending and shopping splurge pitfalls.

A small ‘victory chocolate’ now and then won’t delay your journey to financial freedom

It will also, in the end, give you those goosebumps of pride and pure accomplishment. Now, isn’t inner joy and being proud of yourself something to celebrate?

PS: A small ‘victory chocolate’ now and then won’t delay your journey to financial freedom.

2. Welcome any extra hobbies/talents that can give your income a boost

The best way to celebrate and enjoy your ‘financial life’ is to do what you love. Imagine getting paid for it in the process? What a bonus!

From baker or maths guru, to ‘sewing machine specialist’ – what is your natural talent or skill that you can ‘trade’ with others to not only make you happy but also increase your income slowly but surely?

3. Tuck your extra savings away in that ’emergency fund’

So you have been working hard for those extra savings of yours… celebrate your victory by giving yourself a bit of extra future ‘breathing space’ should those emergencies ‘decide’ to occur.

Be sure to add your hard-earned and saved up cash to your emergency fund (even if it is just a ‘teeny’ R50 at first). You will assuredly be thankful when the time comes and you need a few bucks. Plus, you won’t have to use credit to cover any unforeseen expenses.

Be sure to add your hard-earned and saved up cash to your ’emergency fund’

4. Give yourself a round of applause

Having credit is not necessarily a bad thing since it can have a positive effect on your credit score. Your success is in how you manage your different debt agreements but, if you find yourself with a bit of a debt burden, why not cut out some (or all!) luxuries and pay off your debts one step at a time?

High five if you have done just that! In a very difficult situation, however, you can contact a debt counsellor to give you a free assessment to see where you should go from there.

It is time to continue to empower yourself by constantly making room for financial progress in your life. Don’t forget to be happy with any improvement that you make, even if it seems quite small. Your finances are worth celebrating, since they play a big role in your life. All4Women and DebtSafe wish you and your fellow women a frugal and happy National Women’s Month!

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