If you have little ones, it’s critical to make sure that no accidents with your household cleaners occur. Even homemade and green cleaners can pose a risk to your child’s health if they happen to drink it or apply it to their skin.

Here are some smart ways to keep the kids safe, and your home clean too…

Lock them up

Many of us put cleaners up high to ensure they stay out of the kids’ reach. However, once they hit the active toddler phase, there’s no such thing.

So whether your cleaners live under the cupboard or high in the sky, put a lock on it. Many ‘kiddie locks’ can be bought to retrofit to cabinets, or simply use the cabinet lock… and take the key away afterwards.

You can also use a storage box inside the cupboard for problematic cleaners if other, safe items are stored there.

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Teach safety

If it remains a mystery, your little one will stay fascinated. Education is always a better path.

Many parents have great success with marking all ‘off-limit’ bottles with a big red x, so even their younger children can easily see what’s forbidden.

With older, more responsible kids, this is also a great way to let them access some items in the cleaning cupboard (like dish soap for bubbles, or cloths to clean up) while still making sure the ‘no zone’ is firmly in place.

Keeping your little ones and your household cleaners apart needn’t be a chore in itself, with a little thought ahead.