No one loves laundry day! Yet the clean, fresh clothes you pull out the wardrobe the next day make up for some of it. If you find you’re putting away perfect garments, and pulling them out a mess, however, it’s time to check if you’re causing your own laundry headaches…

Items smelling sour?

Often, if you put away a garment even a little damp, it will encourage mould and bacteria to grow – the last thing you want! Make sure your clothing is dry in all spots (check out hems and other ‘thicker’ areas like the armpits carefully) before you put it away.

When in doubt, let it hang free for a bit to make sure it’s dry. Try not to leave unmoving piles of garments in your wardrobe, as this can also trap moisture.

Put clothes you aren’t wearing in storage, and try and rotate through stored items at least once a month to give them an airing.

Clothing creasing after you store them?

If you’re a lazy folder, chances are the weight of your other stored garments will press a fold or two into the bottom items. Try folding around a flat, thick item (like a magazine) and then pulling out the form… you’ll banish every storage wrinkle for good.

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Woollen items stretching?

Ideally, woollens and jerseys should be stored flat, but we don’t always have the space. If you find you need to hang your woollens, a simple switch to how you place them on the hanger is enough to prevent them from stretching.

Fold them side-to-side (vertically), and place your hanger at the armpit.

Fold the sleeves to one side, and allow the body to hang on the other.

We can’t guarantee you’ll love packing away laundry any better – but at least everything will look great when it’s time to wear them.