There’s a lot you may not know about 7de Laan actress Quinne Brown – like the fact that she delivers babies!

In fact, she even delivered co-star Reandi Grey’s (Esti) baby!

Quinne chatted to All4Women about being a part-time doula, empowering women to make their own birthing choices and the message that she hopes to share with her daughters…

All4Women: Many fans don’t know that you are actually a doula! How did that come about?

Quinne: I have worked as a metamorphosis practitioner for more than 12 years which is a modality focusing on the prenatal and birth time of a person’s life. This has made me always aware of the power of this time in a person’s life, even before I knew I would have children of my own.

In 2008 a friend came to one of my creative-women-support circles, she was doing her doula course and I was intrigued to learn about it.

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When I fell pregnant in 2010 I was sure to have a doula present at Charlotte’s birth and in the year after becoming a mother, searching for my new identity to make sense, my very supportive husband nudged me on to do the certification as a doula. And an amazing journey supporting women in this different way followed.



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Did you know I trained as a doula? I have a passion for transition, women and the creative. . . What is a doula? “a woman who serves” “a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth”. . . [ I host BIRTH BASICS sessions, equiping new parents with the necessary tools and information and healing before they go into the birthing space of their choice. I can refer you to beautiful doulas to be present for your birth] . . Doula-ING is a way of being, many are living a doula life without even realizing. #DoulaQuinne #celebratingdoulas #staypresent #givingthanks #birthmatters #birthworker #motherhood #choice #motheringthemother #doulaweek #educate . . If you Google “antidote to fear”, you’ll come up with many suggestions Self-help guru’s would say “to love more, to fear less”. Or to “stay in the present” (as fears are often projections of terrible things that could happen in the future). Or to “arm yourself with information”. Or to “rationalise risks”. All of those are right – they all do help to alleviate fear. I would say the antidote to fear when it comes to pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks of parenthood is simple; hire a doula. Not just any doula mind – the doula that is right for you. A doula is a bastion of knowledge, wisdom, encouragement, a great listener and comforter, offering suggestions but never advice, always without judgement. A doula never promotes a product or service unless she truly believes that it is right for the parent. She never uses fear to “sell” her own services. She tries to work through a mother’s own fears surrounding the birth. And when fears start to rise, she’ll try to alleviate those fears through practical and emotional support, sage words and encouragement. And sure enough, with the right doula, those fears magically disappear. And yes, then you really can start to love more and fear less. If only doulas were available every time you have any kind of fear throughout your life. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a doula to take with you to see a scary movie? To hold your hand on a roller-coaster ride?

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Why is it important for women to choose their own birthing experiences?

I believe that women should always be the authority when it comes to their bodies and the birth of their babies.

This is a vital time for all and the first major human transition and when the mother is in charge, the best choices happen (this is of course with the wisdom of loving support and ongoing care, pre and post natal).

When we can birth our children with love and empower women whose choices are honoured, also born as mothers in these moments, we will notice significant progress and ease in our society.

There is too much fear of the unknown and giving up our choices to men and those who fear birth and change and transition.

Do you have any memorable moments of being a doula?

Every birth has been a highlight and a huge learning curve.

I have been astounded by every woman in these moments… there were Cesarean births, home births, medicalised hospital births, birth centre births and mothers who had to move from one location to another and laboured for three, almost four days.

I remember one women did a non-medicated birth in a hospital with her mother and all her sisters and partner there in support. They surrounded her through her transition into motherhood.

I was there, the guardian of the space just guiding and reminding them of the normalcy of each phase. Witnessing what came so naturally to them all and how well they new each other, the mother and the trust and love in the room,took my breath away and confirmed that love is everything.



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My beautiful colleague, friend and DOULA. What a woman. What a journey it is to have you in my, @deef_shift and Heidi’s life. Forever grateful for you. @quinnebrown has walked this path of expecting little Heidi, and welcoming our little Heidi as not just a super special friend, but also my amazing Doula. / / / As our Doula, she opened a whole new world of pregnancy to my husband and I. A world of APPRECIATION! Appreciation of the whole process, every aspect and every stage of it. It opens your eyes and mind to the mental, emotional and physiological side of pregnancy, birth and post birth. / / / Things we thought of as a given, or not even thought of at all became super important and made our parental journey even more special. Not just as parents, but as partners. Thank you @quinnebrown for making my birth experience a super positive and memorable one! / / / #doula #pregnancy #birth # support #parent #partner #positiveexperience #faith #birthcompanion #birthcoach #postbirth #nonmedical #childbirth #birthteam #birthsupport #csection #newbaby #physicalsupport #emotionalsupport #momsofinsta #Repost @quinnebrown with @get_repost ??? Net liefde vir die een!!! @cheerfullygrey #friendship #bravery #charaiveti #mondaymemories #funmoments #african @real7delaan

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Your character Connie’s storyline focused on her struggle with accepting that outward beauty is not everything.

What importance do you place on looks and physical appearances, especially as a mom to girls?

I am a mother of two girls; five and eight years old.

I believe what is most important, is to be comfortable. To feel at ease in your body and with what you wear, this is different for every woman and how we express ourselves.

Health and safety first in order to be free to be ourselves and creative. It becomes a fun and creative thing when we do each other’s make-up or do dress-up.



What made you return to 7de Laan?

It was like coming home. It was just the most natural path of least resistance and an opportunity to make the most of all I learned while I was away.

It is also the greatest opportunity to participate with fans and work in many different communities.

What did you do during your hiatus?

I lived in San Francisco, a dream, worked as an actress in theatre, film and commercials. I joined an actor studio and the San Francisco school of digital film making where I studied and learned a lot.

Then we lived in San Diego where we had two little girls and I certified and worked as a doula.

These days I do birth coaching and preparation for new parents.



Tell us about how women can contact you about your services as a doula

My business is called Birth Basics With DoulaQuinne. I love education around birthing choices and working with parents on their transition into parenthood.

Since I am on set I can only work on a schedule and not on call.

You can visit my site for more information