Warning: The footage contains scenes some viewers may find distressing

Kirsty Crook from the UK has been battling a painful skin condition for over ten years. Now she’s using social media to help inspire others with the same condition

The now 30-year-old first noticed symptoms of the condition around ten years ago. However, the painful red patches of skin now cover almost 95% of her body. She’s since been diagnosed with plaque psoriasis, and has also developed psoriatic arthritis which results in very painful joints.

She’s unable to swim in chlorinated water, wear perfume, or shave her legs in case it irritates and inflames her very sensitive skin. Around two years ago, she was forced to quit working as the condition had affected her mental health to the point where she didn’t want to be exposed to social situations for fear of judgement.

The condition also had a major impact on her social and romantic relationships.

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Thankfully, Crook has now discovered a treatment that seems to be having a very positive effect on the psoriasis, and her self-confidence has been given a major boost. Through Instagram, she’s hoping to inspire and encourage others who are affected by the same condition, and who are battling with their mental health.

Watch the video above to learn more about Crook’s battle and inspiring message .



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Psoriatic arthritis, some days I don’t want to smile, some days I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep the day away, some days I cry none stop because of the pain it gives me, some days the pain killers don’t work, some days I feel so lonely, some days I just want to scream with frustration because I can’t do the things I used to be able to, somedays i feel so old because I can’t move as quick as a normal 30 year old, some days I just wish being in this earth is harder then not, somedays I just want to run and never look back but then I remember who i am, and why I’m here. I remember I’m loved. Somedays I don’t want to smile but I force myself to. But I will not let it get me down, or take over my life! I keep reminding myself I’m only human and I’m allowed to feel the way I do! I might have bad days, weeks months, but I still smile, I still laugh because life is far to short not to! #psoriasis #psoraticarthritis #chronicillness #chronicpain #arthritis #arthritissucks #psoriasiswarrior #psoriaticarthritisawareness #psoriaticarthritiswarriors #psoriasislife #jointpain #smile #nomakeup #confidence #positivevibes #pain #chronicpainawareness #psoriasiscommunity #psoriasisuk #foreverinpain #amgevita

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