Until they invent a truly non-crease cotton shirt, many of us who work are just going to have to accept that ironing is part of our lives.

However, there’s a lot you can do to cut down on the wrinkles formed in your washing loads, and make the ironing board less of a critical weekly tool…

Watch how you wash

Many clothing wrinkles, particularly in wrinkle-prone fabrics, actually come from the washing process itself. Make sure you wash only on the lowest heat that’s suitable for the fabric, and set the wash to a lower spin speed to cut down on creases.

Save high spin speeds for heavy loads and crease-resistant fabrics.

Try to be vigilant about pulling loads out of the washing machine, too, as sitting with the crushing weight of other wet items on top of it can easily add extra wrinkles.

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Shake it out

Once the cycle has run, give a short, sharp snap to fluff out any washing-related creases the garment may have.

Use the dryer smartly

Using a hot dryer cycle on wet items will steam out many of the wrinkles that form during laundry. It’s important not to over-dry the item, however, or you could just be forcing them back in!

Be sure to remove loads timeously from the dryer, too, so the hot fabric doesn’t settle into creases as it waits for your attention.

If you need to line dry, try to hang the item as you would wear it- so flatten out T-shirts, hang shirts from the shoulders, and pants over the waist seams.

This will enable the weight of the wet fabric to work in your favour, without creating new wrinkles.

Many creases can be avoided simply by being careful during the laundry process, and that’s a win-win for everyone!