Winter is nearly over – hang in there! The nights will soon get shorter, and we’ll be waking up to sunshine instead of frost…

But for now, we still need to beat the winter chill.

There’s nothing better than a plate full of tasty, wholesome comfort food on a cold winter’s night – but what about the comfort calories?! Don’t get into the cycle of adding a few kilos every winter only to stress about trying to lose them before summer season.

We’ve got the solution. Now you can have your cake (or curry) AND eat it.

Here are our top 16 HEALTHY comfort food recipes to help feed you and your family this winter. Packed full of veggies and nutritional goodness, these are sure to become family favourites.

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Choose from rice, soup, pizza, pasta, and curries & casseroles below…  



Cooking with wild rice, or brown rice helps add fibre to the meal. These recipes are so comforting that you won’t need to fill your plate. A single serving will leave you feeling fully satisfied – and you’ll have enough left over to take to work for a healthy lunch the next day.

If you’re avoiding rice, try the ‘cauli fried rice’ recipe below. A delicious alternative to rice which cuts down on the carbs significantly without cutting down on the flavour.


1.     Thai style cauli fried rice recipe

There is no excuse not to eat healthy with this delicious recipe for cauli fried rice with Thai flavours

Thai Style Cauli Fried Rice recipe


2.     Mushroom risotto and arugula salad recipe

Recipe for mushroom risotto with an arugula salad – healthy and delicious – with Cognac

Mushroom Risotto and Arugula Salad recipe


3.     Mushrooms and bean paella stuffed in peppers recipe

Go meatless on Monday with this recipe for mushrooms and bean paella stuffed in peppers

Mushrooms and Bean Paella Stuffed in Peppers recipe


4.     Succulent chicken-fried rice is quick and easy with a wok

You probably have a wok lurking in your cupboard somewhere, but does it get the use it deserves? With this tasty treat under your belt, we’ll bet it will be in weekly use soon!

Succulent chicken-fried rice is quick and easy with a wok


5.     Pumpkin risotto with avocado topping recipe

Recipe for pumpkin or butternut risotto – add bacon and guacamole too!

Pumpkin Risotto with Avocado Topping recipe


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